Well, it looks like the fan film suit between Axanar Productions and CBS/Paramount is finally over, and Axanar may even get made (with some caveats).

According to Ars Technica, a confidential settlement was reached. The full details aren’t clear, but they have some specifics. Axanar Productions is claiming they won’t pay CBS/Paramount any money, but acknowledges Prelude to Axanar and the proposed Axanar films were not authorized.


Most notably, the settlement allows the Axanar Productions team to proceed with development of Axanar under the fan film guidelines issued by CBS and Paramount last June. In other words, Axanar will be limited to a 30-minute story, broken into 15-minute installments. YouTube ads will be prohibited on the films as well, so Axanar Productions will not be able to earn any revenue. Prelude to Axanar will remain online.

Big news! What do you all think?

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