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The new Trek fan film guidelines have effectively ended most of the larger fan productions (except Renegades, which is going generic). However, CBS/Paramount are giving the New Voyages team a pretty cool consolation prize. io9 posted an article about James Cawley’s new Star Trek tour. The incredibly detailed sets that were recreated for New Voyages are becoming a tour.


It’s not mentioned in the io9 article, but what floored me about the press release is that the tour is licensed by CBS.

I’ve seen comments from a number of fans that the guidelines are too onerous and were developed because the companies felt “threatened” by the quality of the fan films. Some have even threatened to boycott Star Trek Beyond and the new series until the guidelines are are revoked. For my part, I suspect that CBS/Paramount had no choice. Their legal battle with Axanar is still ongoing, and until that is settled, they can’t make it look like they are letting any unauthorized productions go forward.


I hope this move helps to mend some fences between the studios and the fans. CBS didn’t have to acknowledge Cawley’s work. Hell, they could’ve sent an army of lawyers to tear them apart, piece by piece. They didn’t. By licensing Cawley’s sets as an attraction, CBS is demonstrating that the fans who did play by the rules were not the target. I hope that at least a few fans take notice and hold their fire.

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